Parental And Criminality Essay

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a Joseph Agnello Cal Ferrante Professor Scott A. Johnson Human Growth and Development October 18th 2011 PARENTAL CRIMINALITY AND DRUG USE ON DEVELOPMENT Of a child [pic] Children are impacted from parents past experiences. Parents have the ability to lead their children to a life full of opportunities. Parental criminality and drug use has a negative effect on the development of a child. While parents are hurting themselves from being involved in criminal activities and drugs, they also have negatively impacted their children as well. Exposing children to these activities at a young age can manipulate the way children think. It can confuse their thoughts of what is right and wrong. Children see as parents do and they think it’s acceptable because parents are involved with drugs and crime. “A majority of parents in State prison were violent offenders (44%) or drug traffickers (13%), and 77% had a prior conviction. Nearly 60% of parents in State prison reported using drugs in the month before their offense, and 25% reported a history of alcohol dependence” (Bureau of Justice Statistics [BJS], 2000). Both parents play a key role in a child’s development. Although, mothers who use drugs and commit crime have an unsettling effect due to the bond created between the mother and child during infant/preschool years. The mother frequently plays the role as a caregiver and even after the mother is convicted, the grandparents on her side become the next caregivers. (Gabel, 1995, p107). “About 64% of mothers in State prison and 84% of those in Federal prison reported living with their minor children prior to admission, compared to 44% and 55% of fathers, respectively” ( BJS, 2000). Children, who have parents that were convicted or let out of jail but still living the lifestyle, are affected by the situation through life. It’s not certain that the child

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