Parent Involvement Essay

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Nick Prior WRT 150-34 Parental Involvement December 8, 2011 “Educator's nationwide share a common problem: the lack of active parental involvement in their child's education” (Sawetch). This quote goes on to talk about the importance of the involvement of parents in their children’s education along with other issues like drug use and teenage violence. This concept of parent involvement is slowly being forgotten over time and is becoming more and more of a problem. defines parental involvement like so, “Parental involvement refers to the amount of participation a parent has when it comes to schooling and her child's life.” With issues such as teenage drop-outs, drug use and alcohol abuse, low test scores and so on, it’s time that someone stepped in to help—parents maybe? “The idea that parental involvement has a positive influence on students' academic achievement is so intuitively appealing that society in general, and educators in particular, have considered parental involvement as the remedy for many problems in education” (Fan, Chen). If educators believe that parental involvement can be our primary remedy for this disease, why don’t parents and guardians step up to the plate? This is a fairly basic concept—ancient even. When a man and a woman have a child together, they are supposed to take care of, feed, raise, teach, and spend time with said child, and so on. A couple simply does not have a child and throw it to the wolves—that’s why people came up with fairy tales with those kinds of stories. However, this ancient concept that has been around ever since Adam and Eve is slowly being forgotten. Parents are becoming less and less involved in their children’s lives—it should be the opposite. Activities such as reading to your child, singing to them, and even asking about their lives are becoming less and less common. “Research shows
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