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Introduction There is no one way to define family. The definition changes from family to family and individual to individual. With a changing definition of family comes a wide range of beliefs about parenting and what it means to be a “good” parent. I do not believe that there is one person out there who has the same exact parenting beliefs or no one set of parenting techniques that will work for everyone. Every person differs due to their environments and experiences within that environment. I completed two interviews with two separate sets of parents. I will now present you with a summary of the questions asked, a summary of their answers, and an analysis and synthesis of the old parenting research and new parenting research. Interview Summary Parent Interview Number One The first interview that I conducted was with a married couple of 30 years. They have two kids and are categorized as upper-middle class. Ruth (mother) is 50 years old and Steve (father) is 56 years old. They had their first child, Jeff, two years after they were married, when Ruth was 22 years old, and waited until she was 28 years old to have their second child, Jenna. The first born was male and the second born was female, exactly how she wanted their order. Ruth and Steve raised their children in a small urban town until they moved to Fort Collins, CO. Although Ruth wanted a big family and wishes she would have had more children she is happy that she stopped at two. The questions that I asked the couple are broken up into five different topics. The first topic that we discussed deals with the cultural ideals or beliefs at the time Ruth and Steve raised their two children. I asked them to describe the cultural attitudes and beliefs toward child rearing at the time each of their children were born. I also asked who the prominent psychologists and pediatricians were and what advice they

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