Parent Interview Essay

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Parent Interview Paper Demographics The parents that I interview are newlyweds and have been married for one month. The have one child together she is 2 years old. The wife is 27 years old and the husband is 24 years old. They live in Oak Grove, Mississippi. Relation to the class material The material I will discuss will be from the transition to parenthood. How their lifestyle, social support, readiness and relationship with their partner, from the answer I receive in the interview. The relationship with their partner with this pregnancy it was not a planned pregnancy. When I ask the parents of why did you decide to have the child the mother said “our first child wasn’t planned, so we took responsibility for our actions at that time? The father said a similar statement “we both were not planning for a child but in the midst of us choosing to make ungodly decisions my wife got pregnant and we both wanted to take on the roles of being responsible parents.” The wife grandmother helps them out for about 6 months to a year by moving in with her daughter while her husband continues to play football finish school and she was able to get back to work. She stayed with them until she was about 11 month and could start going to daycare at West Point Christian Preschool. They had a good support good for them to still finish out what they needed to, to better their daughter future. Then this was their first time being parents. The husband and wife relationship when the infant was presence affect the family behavior patterns or relationships. The mother said that her presence brought her and her husband closer, but they had to make a lot of adjustments because he was still in college and playing college football. Not every day was easy, but together they took it one day at a time. The father said that their daughters presence was very influential allowed us to be more

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