Parent Interview Essay

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Many people today are parents or guardians, all over the world. Each having their own style of parenting. Some parents are stricter and some are more lenient. Some children have many boundaries and some have barely any at all. I have constructed an interview based on two different families. One family is younger with their first child. The second family is older with more grown children. They both have similarities and differences in parenting styles. How do you judge what’s right and wrong? The first family is a young Caucasian couple with a three year old daughter. This was their first child and the mother was still in school. When they found out they were having a child they got a small house together to raise their baby. I asked the parents a range of questions involving education and discipline and boundaries. Overall they seemed to be very passive. During playtime as long as they can see their daughter and shes not in danger they let her express her self and do what she wants. They believe education is very important for her future even though shes not in school yet. When it came to the matter of discipline they don’t believe in spanking or any physical punishments. They believe its better to explain whats been done and why its wrong. I found that in terms of religion they think its great if she has something to believe in but they wont push anything on her. They are very loving towards their child and want her to be independent and able to make her own decisions. These are what I consider to be permissive parents. The second family I interviewed is an older African American family. They have two children; they are both grown and graduated from school. The parents now have their first grandchild. The parents had already graduated from school before they had their children. They were more stable, already had their careers and ready to start a family. With
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