Parent/Family Interview Essay

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For the last month I have been observing a 22 month old boy name Brian. He lives at home with his mother and sister. His mother is a single mom of two. He has 1 sibling and her name is Jada, Jada is 11 years old. Brian father and mother both are African American (Black). That makes Brian Black as well. They speak 100 percent English although she would like him to become fluent in French and Spanish. When I asked Brian’s mother to explain the relationship he has with both her and his father, she stated that he gets excited when he sees him. Brian thinks that his father does no wrong. She also stated that the discipline usually comes from her because she is the primary care giver. Brian has 1 older sister which he adores. There relationship consists of fighting, loving one another, irritating one another and making up again. They are lonely without each other. Mom says that she has noticed that a lot of the fighting is for attention. They couldn’t live without each other. There are several significant people in Brian’s life that pose a valuable purpose in is his life. They spend a generous amount of time with family such as first and second generation aunties, uncles, a host of cousins, great and grand parents, close friends etc. He has love coming from all sorts of places. He celebrates mostly all major holidays. His mother has decided to open him up to all traditions so that he could have his opinion as he grows into an adult. Thanksgiving is the most celebrated holiday. There family tradition on Thanksgiving is to participate in cooking dinner as well as sharing what they are thankful for. The 3 festivities include all family and extended family. Usually on Saturday mornings they get up and turn on some music. They dance, smile, laugh, and clean up. Her daughter sings at the top of her lungs and Brian usually follows her. At this moment Brian is expressing his

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