Parent And Child Relationships In Cold Mountain

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How does Frazier explore parent and child relationships in ‘Cold Mountain’? The following things will be discussed in this essay: The relationship between Ada and Monroe, Ada and Ruby, Ruby and Stobrod and Ruby and Nature. Frazier use of the flashbacks of Monroe allows the reader to see that although him and Ada have a good relationship, it is more of a friendship, Frazier uses Monroe’s name when Ada is talking about him, she does not call him father. Frazier uses the flashbacks to show how much Ada has changed since her father had died. Monroe did everything for Ada, he made sure there was help to look after the farm, as Monroe was not a practical man, but because Monroe did not teach Ada how to survive on her own, when he died she was left defenceless. Frazier presents Ruby to be a father figure to Ada, doing the things that Monroe should have taught her to do. In the chapter entitled “the ground beneath her hands” Ada is attacked by a rooster, it could be said that the rooster is a symbol of Ada’s pain and suffering as Frazier presents it at a time in which Ada is at her weakest, feeling defenceless and hidden in the boxwood. When Frazier introduces the character Ruby she kills the rooster, ultimately putting an end to Ada’s suffering by teaching her how to be self-sufficient. Ada and Ruby’s relationship is a friendship “She does not take orders, and she does not empty night jars other than her own”, this echoes Ruby’s first words to Ada, and shows how much Ada has changed, she doesn’t expect that everyone will do things for her, so she has to do them herself. Ada and Monroe’s relationship can be contrasted with Ada and Ruby’s as both are friendships, however Frazier uses the neglect that Ruby experienced to allow her to care for Ada, and teach her to be able to survive without a depending on others. The character Stobrod as a father contrasts against

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