Parent/Child Relationships Essay

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Parent/Child Relationships In today’s society, every child’s relationship with its parents is unique and special in its own way regardless of where you are. A lot has to do with the gender of the child. If the child is a female, the idea that she has to be treated with sensitivity comes in to play. If the child is a boy, there is not as much nurturing needed. The parents also play different roles. Together they give the child the attention and different kinds of love that it needs. Depending on the gender of the child and parent, the relationships between them can be extremely different in that they needed to be treated accordingly. Mothers and their daughters have a unique relationship. Moms have the responsibility of making sure her little girl grows up to be a polite, modest, respectful woman. It is the mother’s job to nurture and love the girl unconditionally. It is a mother’s job to teach her girl not only domestic jobs but also how to be a strong independent woman who can fend for herself. This is a close bond that they will develop as each of them grows. Jean Goldberg, the author of “Mutuality In Mother-Daughter Relationships." found that the relationship between these two is a positive one. She explored the idea of mutuality, as perceived by daughters, in the mother-daughter relationship. She also tried to find its impact on the self-esteem and social adjustment of the adolescent daughter. Data were gathered from three schools of higher learning and a sample of 239 respondents, 18-22 years of age, was used. Her experiment support the study hypothesis that a positive relationship exists between an adolescent daughter's perceived mutuality in the mother-daughter relationship. Also, the self-esteem of the daughter was relatively high compared to that of a daughter with an unhealthy relationship with her mother (Goldberg, 236). In a

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