Parent Child Relationship Essay

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Parent Child Relationship A parent child relationship is a relationship in hierarchical structure in which the parent in one level higher and directly associated with one or more children. The relationship is establish either between a father with his son or daughter or between a mother with her son or daughter as well. When the relationship is not well established it turn on horrible thing living only pain memories. The poem “Photograph of My Father in His Twenty-Second year” by Raymond Caver and the poem “ A woman Mourned by Daughters” by Adrienne Rich are two type of poems with significant similarities and speaking ( showing) about the lacks of their relationships. In The poem “Photograph of My Father in His Twenty-Second Year”, the speaker start to remembering about the time he has passed with his or her father by looking at an old picture of his or her father in his youth age wearing a jeans and denim shirt, leaning against the front fender of a 1934 Ford. After looking the picture through all, the speaker say “ Father, I love you, yet how can I say thank you, I who can’t hold my liquor either, and don’t even know the places to fish?” (line13-15). The statement he made at the end just express a feeling of regret, showing that their relationship wasn’t as a child could have expected. The only thing that her or his father left to him or to her was just painful memories and nothing else. Moreover, the speaker express his or her regret the fact the if the father was a really good father it would have at least make him enough responsible to go and fish himself. At the line 14, “ I who can’t hold my liquor either” again shows that the opposite was indeed left to him, the irresponsible. Similarly, in the poem” A Woman Mourned by Daughters”, the same experiences are similar with “ Photograph of My Father in His Twenty-Second Year”. Both
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