Parent and Community Essay

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Parent and Community Outreach Program Typically in schools, alignment refers to the connection between learning standards, instructional practices, and assessment. In other ways, it focuses on school policy, federal and state guidelines, professional development and college, and career readiness. Whatever, the purpose for alignment in schools, it should include “practical, thoughtful strategies that produce tangible improvements in schools and student learning." The writer sought to align the three goals with strategies that greatly enhanced the connection between parent involvement and student achievement. According to “Schools, Families, and Communities Working Together” (n.d.), “Collaboration involves more than coming together for a monthly meeting to share information and do a bit of coordination. Rather, the aim is to find ways to weave together a critical mass of resources and strategies to accomplish major results” (Building an Effective Collaborative). Goals and Strategies In the past involvement was distinguished by volunteerism, mostly moms chaperoning, assisting in the classroom and participating in fundraising. Now volunteerism includes moms, dads, grandparents, foster parents, stepparents, other business leaders and community members. The goals go beyond basic activities to goal-oriented activities that have a connection to student achievement. The writer identified three goals and strategies that make a collaborative by the school, parents and community to increase student achievement. Goal 1 To be innovative in increasing parent participation in student instruction and social programs. To have parents participate in at least three instructional programs during the school year. Parents would receive recognition for participation. Strategy 1. Teachers and school staff would participate in brainstorming sessions to determine how to get
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