Parent and Child Bond in King Lear

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Parent and Child Bond in King Lear, by William Shakespeare An honest parent and child relationship is the key to true happiness in a family. In William’s Shakespeare King Lear, the protagonist Lear and his parallel character Gloucester realize that being a parent is not easy. It takes an honest parent child relationship to achieve true stability in a family and throughout the play the family bond gets difficult as the parent struggle with inability to see through their children. From the dysfunctional relationships of King Lear and his daughters, to the relationship between Gloucester and his sons, Shakespeare shows that blindness to the truth makes both parents blind to true love causing complete and total destruction in the family and in the kingdom. Naivety and blindness can cause extreme damage in a person’s life. King Lear favors the deceitful children Goneril and Regan, over Cordelia, the honest one. The king’s appeal to empty flatter and his blindness to the truth lead to him making unwise decisions, which ultimately jeopardize his relationship with his daughters. Neville Newman criticizes this topic by stating “the test of love to which he submits them is meaningless, as evidenced by the apportioning of the land before all three have spoken. Moreover, the older sisters implicitly inferior status in his affections is immediately obvious to the member of the court in attendance.” (Newman 1) Lear does not realize that he is destroying his relationship with his daughter Cordelia, but also he is not realizing that Goneril and Regan’s mischief will lead him into insanity, which later causes the loss of father-daughter bond in the play. As a result King Lear is driven mad with regret and his life will ultimately change due to his initial naivety to the truth. Gloucester gullibility also leads him to mislead his family. As a father he is blind to see the truth

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