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Marie Deputla English 102 Assignment 3 Doug Blandy 's essay on "Memory, Loss, and Neighborhood Schools, is a philosophical argument about the importance of art education in our school system. He brilliantly uses every day happenings such as the demolishing of historical school buildings in neighborhoods to bring his point across. Moreover, he editorializes how through art education, educators can teach students how to recognize the importance of our historical buildings, the historic loss society faces when they are demolished and replaced by newer ones, and the effect it takes on the community. Blandy argues that "historic school buildings are among the 11 most endangered places targeted for preservation by the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP)." He points out that Edison Elementary School, a neighborhood school in which his children attended, has always been a source of pride of his community. Many neighborhood schools bring that feeling to the community in that they often times offer before and after school programs, parents usually attended the same school in which their children are attending which makes people have a feeling of belonging to something. However, many of those very same schools are being deserted, neglected, and demolished, which seems to stir up deep emotions in Blandy. He strongly believes that "continuity tied to a shared place contributes to understanding and appreciating belonging to a community" (p. 83). My first reaction to that statement was that of agreement. However, as I reflect back I came to realize that sometimes change is good, even though it took me until I graduated high school to realize it. Growing up I attended a neighborhood school from K4 through 6th grade. I had to leave that school because my family moved to a school district that could provide better services for my brother who has Down Syndrome.

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