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English 12 name___ “The Pardoner’s Tale” period__ 1. What is the primary job duty of the pardoner? To grant pardons from sins in exchange for donations to the Catholic church 2. What literary device is used in lines 15-18? Symbolism 3. What actually killed the man in the funeral procession? The black plague. 4. How would you describe the tone of the tavern-knave’s report? Depressing and cautious. 5. What is ironic about the rioters’ resolution to “kill this trator Death?” (ln 39) Because in order to kill death he would have to die. 6. What literary device is used in line 41 “And we will kill this traitor Death.” Situational Irony 7. How does the rioter address the old man in lines 57-59 and what does it say about their personality? He addresses him as an “old fool” and this shows his disrespect. 8. How does the old man react (lines 65-91)? He reacts by telling how he wants to die and that God has not willed him to die yet. 9. How does this prove the man’s faith in God? He talks about how God hasn’t let him die yet. 10. What is ironic about the rioters’ discovery in lines 112-114? We, the readers, know it is Death that they have found but the characters do not know this. 11. How does the rioters’ deduction in lines 121-122 illustrate a perversion of Christian faith? I don’t see it. 12. How do the rioters plan on getting the gold back to their respective houses? They will do it by night. 13. What is ironic about the way the three “friends” act after finding the gold They aren’t acting like friends anymore. 14.

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