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Hoger Instituut Voor Wijsbegeerte Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Gifts and Bribes An Essay on the Limits of Reciprocity Promotor: Prof. dr. Antoon Vandevelde Proefschrift aangeboden tot het het verkrijgen van de graad van Doctor in de Wijsbegeerte door Peter Verhezen Leuven, 2005 1 Use kindness as the basis of your life. Justice as balance, Wisdom as its limit, Love as delight, and Truth as light Peter DEUNOV 2 Preface and Acknowledgments If there is one motivation for a philosophical perspective set out in this research, it is my desire to have a better understanding of gifts and bribery, and share this knowledge with researchers, scholars and practitioners alike. When in 1985, in the early stages of my academic career as assistant of Professor Dr. Stefaan Marijsse and then subsequently of professor Dr. Toon Vandevelde for “Philosophy of Economics” at the faculty of Applied Economics at the University in Antwerp (UFSIA-UA), my initial research was very much focused on the one-sidedness of our economic market mechanisms and ‘bounded rationality’, driven by the rationalization of profit maximization, and its lopsided emphasis on rational self-interest and its search for ‘money’. After fifteen years experience as an economic practitioner in South-East Asia, Australia and to a lesser extent in Europe, and a strong ethical awareness which never left me since my graduate studies, I decided at the end of 1999 to pursue again some more in-debt reflection upon the meaning of generous gifts versus greed driven selfinterest. This conceptual analysis has been inspired by my practical experiences both as an advisor to companies where I daily dealt with this sort of problems and controversies, as well as financial advisor to the Indonesian Banking Restructuring Agency (the Indonesian Ministry of Finance). I am grateful for the opportunity given to

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