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PARAPHRASING What is Paraphrasing? Paraphrasing is using your own words to express someone else's message or ideas. In a paraphrase, the ideas and meaning of the original source must be maintained Importance Paraphrasing It reduces/eliminates plagiarism if it is properly done. To have a good understanding of the words, their synonyms and antonyms too. KINDS OF PARAPHRASING REDUCTION OF CLAUSES Another method of paraphrasing involves changing clauses to phrases. For example, the clause, "while the DEA says OxyContin is a valuable drug" could become a more succinct phrase, "claiming Oxycontin's value." If a student combines this approach with synonym replacement, more effective paraphrasing occurs. PARTS OF SPEECH Changing parts of speech may assist in paraphrasing. Consider another original sentence from Kalb's "Newsweek" article: "Last week the 'spotlight' on OxyContin 'intensified' as the Drug Enforcement Administration 'announced' a national strategy to 'combat' the painkillers 'illegitimate' use. . . ." If a student restructured the sentence, changing parts of speech, some paraphrasing would occur: "The Drug Enforcement Administration last week 'spotlighted' OxyContin more 'intensely' and made an 'announcement' of a national strategy, which combats using the painkiller 'illegitimately.'" However, this paraphrasing lacks originality and again results in partial plagiarism. CHANGE OF STRUCTURE Changing the sentence structure adds to the value of the paraphrase, reflecting the writer's interpretation of the author's thoughts. Consider this original wording from the "Newsweek" article: "OxyContin was developed to do good: relieve debilitating pain. But since the powerful drug debuted in 1996, it has become increasingly known for a dangerous side effect -- the potential for serious addiction." By beginning with a phrase and changing the structure, a
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