Paramount Regional Medical Center Case Study

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RUNNIND AHEAD: Paramount Regional Medical Center Unit 1 Individual Project Healthcare Management Shiketa M Harper November 13, 2011 Abstract: In the business community there are strategies that need to be fulfilled. When ever an individual is considering starting a business or health care organization he or she must have a strategy. When planning a business strategy the individual or individuals must come up with a solid mission and vision that complement the organization describes it. Short term and long terms goals should also be made for the organization. My paper is going to be on Paramount Regional Medical Center planning. This paper will review their internal and external assessments, competitive marketing analysis, identification of stakeholders,…show more content…
Paramount regional Medical Center is recognized as a leading medical center in the central Georgia area. It is one of the best known Medical Center’s in the nation. Mission: Our mission at Paramount Regional Medical Center is to provide high- quality customer orientated and financially strong healthcare services that meet the diverse needs of those we serve. Our facility is dedicated to providing quality care. We recognize the value of every person and it is the largest free standing Cancer teaching hospital. Paramount Regional Medical Center is committed to providing the residents of central Georgia with excellent and compassionate healthcare. References: Works Cited (n.d.). Grady. (n.d.). Retrieved November 13, 2011, from About US: Myron D. Fottler, R. C. (2011). Enhancing Customer Service Through Planning. In R. C. Myron D. Fottler, Achieving Service Excellence (Strategies for Healthcare) (pp. 51-78). Chicago,IL: ACHE Management Series (2nd Edition). Our Mission,Vision,and Values. (n.d.). Retrieved November 13, 2011, from St. Vincent Hospital: statement.aspx -

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