Paramount Regional Medical Center Essay

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RUNNIND AHEAD: Paramount Regional Medical Center Unit 1 Individual Project Healthcare Management Shiketa M Harper November 13, 2011 Abstract: In the business community there are strategies that need to be fulfilled. When ever an individual is considering starting a business or health care organization he or she must have a strategy. When planning a business strategy the individual or individuals must come up with a solid mission and vision that complement the organization describes it. Short term and long terms goals should also be made for the organization. My paper is going to be on Paramount Regional Medical Center planning. This paper will review their internal and external assessments, competitive marketing analysis, identification of stakeholders, an overview and assessments of services provided, competencies and resources, public entities and regulatory requirements, demographics served, strategic financial planning, financial and operational outcomes, current and future directions of the organization (Strategic Planning). Paramount Regional Medical Center A strategic plan is clarifying the overall purpose and desired results of an organization and how those results will be achieved (Strategic Planning). The service strategy is an outcome of comprehensive effort to align the organizations mission with all other activities specified in the strategic plan (Myron D. Fottler, 2011). A well though out plan requires managers to analyze internal strengths and weaknesses. It also helps managers to forecast potential opportunities and threats. It is easy to talk about developing a plan but it is even harder to implement a plan. Here are the key elements involved in developing a strategic plan: * Identify/review mission, values and vision statements * An environmental and internal assessment must be done to

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