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Parallel worlds I believe country & western and rap is different in many ways, but at the same time the two genres are the same. C&W is the same as rap by what they do not how they do it. C&W and rap artist write about stories that have happened to that artist. The stories can also be events the artist have seen or heard about. When you put the two genres together they are basically the same thing. Rappers like to write about how cool they are and their new stuff they bought. C&W artist like to write about the hard work they have accomplished. What most people don’t know is that you can flip these sentences. C&W artists like to write about how cool they are and they like to write about the new stuff they have bought. While the rappers write about what they have accomplished over the years. When you go into detail yeah the two are different because every person is not the same. For example the difference between the newly bought items would be a beautiful car by the rapper and a stallion for the C&W artists. Another similarity between the two genres is the passion in their writing. Both types of artists work hard on the detail and rhythm of their writings. The text shows that there is a difference and similarity between the women and men in the two genres. The women in C&W and rap tend to write more about the significant other in their relationship. Women write other stuff as well I’m just saying, the writing is occasionally about the significant other. Men differ from women by writing a lot about themselves and what they have done in the world. C&W and rap artist do write differently. In C&W artist use weird phrases such as “I’ve been flushed from the bathroom of your heart” by Johnny Cash. This phrase would not be heard in a rap song. Rappers like to be straight to the point about almost anything really. Instead of saying I’ve been flushed from the

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