Paralegals and Their Effect on the Legal Field

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Research Paper: Paralegals and their impact in the legal community The paralegal profession has a great impact on the legal community and has many responsibilities. I am going to explain the many facets that profession of paralegal offers and all the services and job responsibilities that come with this job. I am going to explain the importance that paralegals serve to the legal field and what kind of impact they have on lawyers and law firms. Lastly, I will also outline the ethical standards that paralegals must adhere to and how this might affect clients. The Paralegal job title is also known as a legal assistant or as legal aides. These terms are interchangeable and entail the same job description and job title. Paralegals can be employed in many different areas in the legal community. They can be independent paralegals, which mean they work for and are supervised by a lawyer. Freelance, or Contract, Paralegals are independent contractors who are also supervised by whatever lawyer they work for at the time. There is also Independent paralegal where they do work that doesn’t require them to be supervised by a lawyer. This can be as a Special advocate or as an Agency Representative. The main function of a paralegal is to serve as a support to lawyers in their work. Their duties generally include: carrying out legal research, drafting legal documents, case preparation, investigation, interviewing witnesses, and administrative duties. Paralegals play a vital role in the day-to-day operations of the legal community. Paralegals do the majority of the research in most law firms and find all relevant information regarding previous statutes or court decisions pertaining to their current case. They free up the lawyers to do more important tasks. They also conduct interviews with clients so the lawyers don’t have to do that as often.
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