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Parajournalism: Journalism that though it was Real Brinda Banerji July 03, 2013 Media and Government David Winters The origin of news dates back to when government was first established. When this occurred, news started out as a gossip between people to avoid government influence (Shudson 59). Steadily as time passed news became more about entertaining the audience rather than simply informing them. This occurred because of the growing influence commercialization had on news media. To show this point I have analyzed four major news network stations: CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and ABC. I have read the top news stories on each news station’s websites. My conclusion has been that when major national news is revealed the headlines are more or less the same and contrary to my original hypothesis, the stories merely report the facts. However, for news stories that differ between the networks, the subtle differences actually reveal much about the political inclinations and personal opinions of those reporting it. Additionally, when there are no national breaking news reports such as the ones mentioned, each news network has a trend it follows in what type of story it does report. My hypothesis going into this research was that the news networks I analyzed would be biased in their reporting in order to further their political inclinations. This was true for the continuation of the coverage of these stories after it was initially revealed. However, what I found was that the top news stories that were immediately reported merely reported the facts without any noticeable bias. For example, the news of the Supreme Court ruling the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8 unconstitutional was headline news on June 26th, 2013. Each news network covered the story with headlines reading “Supreme Court strikes down federal provision on same-sex marriage benefits” (CNN) and “Court

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