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Developing your paragraphs richly is a key to effective writing. Beginning writers who constantly get stuck and never seem to have enough to say can usually benefit from paragraph practice. If after a few minutes of writing a paragraph, you feel like you have run out of things to say, then you probably don’t need more ideas. Instead, you probably need to go back to what you’ve already written and develop those ideas more. Some Paragraph Basics: A paragraph contains several sentences clearly related in meaning, developing a single topic. Paragraphs are also visual entities that reduce a page-long mass of print to smaller units that are more inviting to read. Typically, a paragraph is four to eight sentences long. If a paragraph gets too long, break it into shorter paragraphs at a logical dividing point, such as between major reasons or examples. I. Topic Sentences A topic sentence is the sentence that says, “This is what this paragraph is going to discuss.” It charts the direction and boundaries of the paragraph. It should be just broad enough to include all the other sentences in the paragraph, but not too broad. If the topic sentence is too general, it will draw boundaries too wide for a paragraph to fill. If the topic sentence is too narrow and factual, it will fail to draw any boundaries for the rest of the paragraph. Which of these would make a good topic sentence? 1. The leading actress in this film game a stunning performance. 2. This film was released on March 1, 2007. 3. There were many outstanding films last year. Develop your paragraph around a single main topic or idea, which is stated in the topic sentence. The rest of the sentences in the paragraph give explanations, examples, evidence and support for the topic sentence. The topic sentence of a body paragraph has three functions: 1. Supports the

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