Paragraph Writting Rules Essay

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Teaching Writing Fast and Effectively! Pattern Based Writing: Quick and Easy Essay RSS Subscribe Discover the Fastest, Most Effective Way to Teach Writing... Guaranteed! Blog Pattern Based Writing: Quick and Easy Essay Pattern Based Writing: Quick and Easy Essay Free Pattern Based Writing Beginner's Guide to Teaching Writing Categories Grammar / Spelling Ideas & Tips (2) How to Teach Essay Writing (6) How to Teach Paragraph Writing (7) Ideas for Parents (1) Journals & Quick Writes (3) Prewriting, Oranization, and Structure (7) Reading Instruction (1) Remedial Writing Instruction (4) Research on Teaching Writing (11) Seasonal and Holiday Writing Ideas (6) Six Traits of Writing (3) Teaching Children Poetry (3) Teaching Report Writing (3) Teaching Sentences (1) Tips for Teaching Writing (10) Writer's Workshop (2) Writing Prompts (9) Writing Standards & State Testing (8) Pattern Based Writing - Home Paragraph Rules | Elementary and Middle School October 19, 2009 Two Teacher License A Paragraph Beautifully Defined A paragraph is a collection of sentences with unity of purpose. A paragraph handles and exhausts a distinct topic. Alexander Bain – 1871 This description of a paragraph is about as good as it gets! Alexander Bain is also credited as having been the first person to have formally laid down the rules of paragraph construction. (Bain’s original rules for paragraphs are outlined below.) A Modern Look at Paragraph Rules There is a beauty and logic to all of Bain’s rules for paragraphs, however modern paragraph theory is a little more generalized and seems to center on these three principles. All-in-all they do contain most of Bain’s ideas,

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