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Paragraph Many people in UK are suffering from overweight – This is often a problem, when you’re a child. The family affects you and this health problem will start at home and it won’t get better in time, you’ll take it with you, when you grow older. This problem will probably continue when the child starts in school – Many children and teenagers, in both schools and gymnasiums, buy food in the school-canteens. You can refer to your own school? It’s important to focus on low calorie diets especially for youngsters – This is where there’s a need to jump in and inform those, before they’re “dropped on the floor” and lost to the fast food. There have to be focus on children and healthy food – This is essential for their growing and health. They need a meal there’s not based on fried food but instead vegetables like lettuce, carrots, cucumber and so on. The change shouldn’t be based barely on vegetables but there’d to be a change to for example beverages like water, brown-bread instead of white-bread and lots of fruits and nuts. The school canteens will therefore have to change all the high fat meals, like fast food, and sugar-full candy with healthy meals – The school canteens should have fresh fruit every day. There’re lots of health campaigns today and the schools could take part in this and use it to waken up both children and their parents – They could for example come up with a competition in were the whole school could attempt.

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