Paragraph Structure Essay

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vo What grade do you anticipate getting in this class? Write a short paragraph to explain why you believe so. What do you believe will lead you to earn that grade? Sentence structures: Subjects, Predicates, and Preposition Phrases Paragraph structure Basic parts: 1. topic sentence a. The topic sentence works best as the first sentence of a paragraph. b. It should present the main idea of the paragraph c. A topic sentence is a combination of the paragraph’s topic and an overall opinion about the topic. d. The more narrow the topic the better. e. The more arguable the opinion the better. 2. supporting sentences a. Supporting sentences should help explain/expand the overall opinion about the topic that was presented in the topic sentence. b. They usually explain why or how. c. Supporting sentences should be laced together with transition words and/or phrases. d. They often present reasons and details e. The more detailed the supporting sentences are the stronger they tend to be. 3. concluding sentence a. A concluding sentence is a paraphrase of the topic sentence. b. It should not introduce new topics. c. The more successful concluding sentences show a deeper understanding of the topic, but do not introduce a new topic. Example: Although most people prefer to have a dog as a pet than a cat, cats make great pets. To begin with, cats require little care. They do not need to be house broken because cats innately seek to relieve themselves on the same spot and even bury their excrement. All the owner needs is to provide a litter box, and he can forget about messiness. Additionally, cats do not require to be walked like dogs do. All cats needs is a small
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