Paradoxes Of The Vietnam War Essay

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Paradoxes of the Vietnam War that affected America “But the hospital had changed all that…Now I wanted to know what I had lost my legs for, why I and the others had gone at all.”(Born on the Fourth of July, ) Vietnam soldiers return home and realize they have missed out on a lot. Soldiers are left physically and mentally scarred and no legit reasons as to why. The Vietnam War resulted in serious contradictions that changed America as a nation. The American people were split over whether the war was right or wrong. There was the anti-war and pro-war Americans fighting about patriotism and if the government was right or wrong. On one hand, there is the anti-war Americans who wanted answers as to why America was even involved with the war and…show more content…
A few of the biggest paradoxes that rocked the nation and resulted from the Vietnam War were the lies told by the American government, the literature published against the war by the Vietnam…show more content…
The veterans needed to write it all out and it was time the American public got to see what’s really happening during the war. Tim O’Brien writes, “I can look at things I never looked at. I can attach faces to grief and love and pity and God, I can be brave. I can make myself feel again.”(Tim O’Brien, ) Tim was explaining how writing war stories made him feel again and continue to live. Veterans needed to write in order to give themselves closure of some sort. The veterans expressed how they felt and what happened in the war through the literature. They needed that outlet but the American public was not quite ready for it. Tim O’Brien states, “She’ll explain that as a rule she hates war stories, she can’t understand why people want to wallow in all the blood and gore.” Most literature written was uncensored, the Vietnam veterans didn’t hold back with what actually went on. But the American public wasn’t ready for that type of exposure. It scared the people that their own government could be responsible for it and some Americans were not ready to accept

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