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Black vs White: Racism in the Workplace Throughout history, there has been a dispute between the black and white community, and it has been brought to the workplace. Employers want what they feel is right for their business, they want to see the handsome, pretty and just about the all american type of person. On the other hand, African Americans have been stereotyped as dangerous criminals, and that is simply not the case. This should never happen anywhere, even in the workplace. Everyone should be treated fairly no matter what; it doesn’t matter if they are white,1 black, indian, or chinese. In today’s society, people are always judged by the way they look on the outside, and from that, people automatically judge what the person is on the inside. There is still racism out there, and there are people that have their own view on whats right. The employer can hire the very handsome guy or prettiest girl that comes into a business. He or she can be the dumbest person, and they will still get the job. It’s the complete opposite for other minorities; they can be very intelligent, and get declined just because of what their race is. In the past, African Americans and the white community had their disputes, but it seems that whites tend to have gotten away with more than blacks did. Is this racism or just someones opinion? There were a certain set of laws that separated these groups to maintain discrimination, and they were know as “The Jim Crow Laws”. “The Jim Crow laws were a series of state and national laws, enacted in the United States that segregated all the public facilities for the whites and the blacks.” ( Magar). After these laws were created, African Americans were looked upon differently throughout America. This was racism that was going on, nothing else, people judged African Americans just because of there skin color. “The Concept of

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