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Satan: An Epic Hero Satan, in the epic poem Paradise Lost, is shown as the epic hero of the story. Many debates arise about who should be considered the epic hero in Milton’s poem. Ideally, the epic hero would have been God or the Son in Paradise Lost, considering the fact that John Milton was a man of Puritan faith. However, in previous epic poems, the epic hero was always the individual that had the most odds against them. God was the most powerful of all, and thus there were no conflicts pitted against him, thus he wouldn’t make good for an epic hero. Satan however, who had been defeated by God because he was “against the throne and monarchy of God and raised impious war in Heaven and battle proud with vain attempt. Him, the Almighty power hurled headlong flaming from the ethereal skies with hideous ruin and combustion down to bottomless perdition, there to dwell” (42-47). Satan was a figure that had major obstacles to overcome in order to achieve his goals. Historically, epic heroes in epic poetry shared some similar characteristics which will be further discussed, thus it seems like Milton felt the obligation to make Satan the epic hero in Paradise Lost because the characteristics he had in the poem were synonymous to those of previous epic heroes such as Odysseus which will also be further explained throughout the paper. Epic heroes have similar characteristics. They are powerful, brave, and persuasive; they accomplish their goals no matter what odds are against them, and most of all, they are leaders. Satan possesses of the qualities of an epic hero in Paradise Lost. First of all, at the beginning of Paradise Lost, Satan has lost the war he waged against God and the angels in heaven and was “chained on the burning lake” (210). Satan and his fellow rebel angels were sent to live in horrid dwellings. Milton states the discomfort of hell mentioned by Satan

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