The Paradise Of Being Market Essay

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The responsibility of the people with unhealthy food Fast food companies think that it’s important to sell and satisfy consumers with addictive and unhealthy food that generates big problems now and at a long term. First, we will talk about the problem of obesity, then the result, if the person learns to control itself. The most important concern about obesity is self control so that the people will have the possibility to feel well and Healthy. Having too much fat is harmful to the body because one is predisposed to have various illnesses. Attend to those advices because people dispose of a long time to change their eating habits and exercise and to control their weight. These changes don’t have to be strict like people think. Therefore, if one is obese or overweight should take for first instance a judgment of a doctor to know with certainty if the person has that disease. As I said before, obesity is caused by people who gain weight when the body receives most of fat calories. These extra calories are stored as fat. Also there are some cases in which that problem is inherited and it’s very difficult to determine whether there is obesity by inheritance or by having bad eating and exercise habits that take you to gain weight. I want to talk about the importance of healthy diets because we take into account that people who eat fast food are more prone to gain weight and develop resistance and these eating habits increase the risk of obesity and diabetes. Looking through investigations we can say that in the global investigation, more specific in the United States and Canada have witnessed that many of the restaurants such as McDonald's, Burger King or Taco Bell among others, sell a product basically harmful to health, and they are also looking for children to capture them into his harmful food. The "junk food" is not complete. It

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