Paradise Essay

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Decisions In Paradise 1 Nik has just completed his college degree. He is eager and excited about his new job endeavor. He is thrilled when he learns he will be going overseas to an exotic location to learn from an experienced colleague and mentor. Upon arrival, he realizes that his pre-conceived notions of this "fantasy land" are very far from reality. This dream begins to unravel the moment he steps off the plane. The island has been ravaged by natural disasters. The current work environment is anything but conducive to the corporate training he thought was going to take place as a mortgage broker at BancPlus. One of many challenges that in front of Nik is that Alex is the sole BancPlus employee on the island. Nik feels overwhelmed by the task of hiring a workforce where on the island of Kava fifty percent of the population is under the age of fifteen. One of the first orders of business is to hire an additional employee who can help navigate the concerns on the island. This new employee, office assistant, would be fluent in the native Kava language and be able to assist in hiring the necessary employees to begin this venture. Recently, several disasters have befallen the island of Kava which have put the area in financial ruin. Due to these financial restraints there are many people looking for employment. Though overwhelmed by these hiring obstacles, Nik is excited about potentially opening several BancPlus Mortgage offices around the island. Thus bolstering the economy by offering new jobs and revenue sources for the island of Kava. One of BancPlus' main goals on the island of Kava is to offer the local residents an opportunity to refinance their properties at a low rate. Home equity loans are also available to home owners to use to rebuild their homes and make the necessary repairs that were caused by many natural disasters

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