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Paradigm shift By: Kerry Strickland Drone technology really seems to peak my interest. The military has had success with building and operating robotic drone technology systems for years now. Recently, Amazon has discussed drone technology delivery systems, by flying packages to their customers receiving destination, with robotic drones. The packages will be strapped to a drone and flown to their front doors within sixty minutes from the time the order was placed. This idea is meant for speedy delivery but in my opinion could face numerous problems such as failure in G.P.S. coordination’s, mechanical failure, and possible artificial intelligence takeover. I believe the advancements in drone technology will lead to an advancement in a.i. ( artificial intelligence ) within the next 20 years. Before we know it we will have robotic drones walking, flying, and rolling all over the face of the earth. I also believe that this advancement will cause our society to get lazy which will also lead to an increase in obesity. One major problem drone technology delivery systems will face is a failure in G.P.S. coordination. I have personally had this problem with my cell phone G.P.S., Tom Tom G.P.S., and the G.P.S. that my vehicle is equipped with. The coordinates could be typed in correctly, but if the map has not been updated then the drone might not make it to where it’s supposed to go. Equipment failure is always a possibility with any mechanical apparatus. Motors break down, hydraulic lines bust, and/or many other moving parts could break. Just like cars proper maintenance is a must, but things break. I personally wouldn’t want a flying drone to fall out of the sky and land on my house, my pets, and most importantly my children. On October 9, 2013, Shawn Helton of Global Research Stated “ there have been many high profile accidents involving drones,

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