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PARABLES Jesus parables reflect the eschatological message of Jesus teaching. Jesus used parables as a weapon against his enemies. He uses them to explain the kingdom of God, show the character of God and the expectations of God. There is a little evidence that shows that parables were often used prior to Jesus. Parables are not found outside the gospels. They reflect daily life in Palestine at that time. There are 3 forms of parables distinguished. 1) SIMILTUDE – is a comparison relating a typical or recurring event in real life. 2) EXAMPLE STORY—presents a positive or negative character, who serves as an example. Such parables are the Good Samaritan and the Rich Food. 3) Allegory is a series of related metaphors like the parable of the … Parables are directed to the audience. Jesus asks questions directed to the audience and so this method engages hearers and elicits responses. “Which one of you?” (Luke 11:5) “What father among you?” (Matthew 7: 9) Prior to Jesus, Greek and Semitic antecedents thought by parables and stories but no evidence shows anyone using parables as consistently and effectively as Jesus. Rabbinic parables interpret biblical texts and there is hardly room for interpretation. It is a “closed text, not an open one”. Rabbinic parables are exegetical; on the contrary. Jesus utters parables with a sense of sovereign freedom. Parables are usually taken from everybody life. The content of the parables deals with work, relationships, rich men, plants and so on, yet are unrealistic most of the time. The most striking about parables of Jesus is their way of portraying God. They do not describe God’s attributes or have theoretical discussions about God. They use metaphors that keep discussion from abstractions. In many of the Parables of Jesus there is an element of surprise in the ending. We tend to find negative views of

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