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Examination of Parables The definition of a parable is hard to pinpoint. At its base a parable is a story that is intended to teach a lesson. However, this definition itself does not even come close to explaining the complexity and variety of Jesus’s parables. It is true that a parable is meant to point out a flaw in human nature, but parables point these fallacies out in a particular way. Many parables can be defined as metaphors, similes, or narratives. Unfortunately, none of these terms can accurately define all parables. This fact poses a problem. In order to define a parable, one must not only include intention but also perspective and approach. The intent is relatively clear. A parable is intended to address a specific issue. Although that is a very simple explanation the intent is not as important to the definition of a parable as the approach. The key to classifying a story or passage as a parable is indirect approach. If someone spoke or wrote about a problem they would be considered to have given a social criticism. This direct approach would cause some people to be turned off, especially if the criticism was contrary to their pre-established beliefs. The effect of indirect approach is best illustrated through examples. For instance, in the science-fiction novel The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, the interactions between humans and aliens are chronicled. Through the novel Bradbury criticizes racism and warns of the dangers of colonization. This criticism alone might not change many peoples’ views on the topics. However, Bradbury’s combination of these criticisms with a storyline that every reader can view in a similar light makes the novel effective. It is important to note that Jesus uses storyline’s that are relatable because of the realism and commonality, but Jesus’s parables and Bradbury’s science-fiction novels have the same

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