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Baptism Parable Kara has been riding horses almost her entire life. Since the age of 9 she has been riding at Wolf Ridge Stable in Foster, Rhode Island. Riding meant the world to her and she wasn’t in it for the competition, until her trainer bribed her. The day of the horse show finally came in June and all she had to support her was her mother, Allie, and her trainer, Beth. It was Kara’s first horse show ever. She was so nervous she thought her body was going to burst and her brain would blow. This was all new to her, and being accepted into this show was something she thought she would never do. Mounted on her horse, Sassy, she thought this day was going to be horrendous and couldn’t think of anything positive in life at the moment, she felt like she was going to get sick. “Entering the ring we have rider Number 152 riding P.T. Sassy Blue”. Right there we could feel her heart stop. “If only this wasn’t happening“, she thought. Kara has many problems in life, not only with her fathers recent death, but also with her school working disabilities. She has been having difficulties with English and while in the ring, Kara could even fear the English test she had the next day. Every day she would pray things get better and that she could be guided through her situations, but things just kept getting worse. She just wanted this day to end and be over with. On the other side of her heart, though, she knew Beth was there for her and had helped guide her through this path to the horse show. Beth has been training her so hard the past few months, helping her get to this point and helping her have the abilities and core strength she would need for this show, which is why Beth knew that Kara would do great at this show. “And the winner and congratulations to ride Number 152, Kara DiCicco riding P.T. Sassy Blue! Your ribbon is at the judges booth.” After all the stress

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