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Memo To: | Professor Flynn | From: | MaryBeth Still | Date: | July 4, 2014 | Re: | Research Topic Proposal | | | Going to a paperless system is good for all the right reasons. The first reason that is important in going paperless would be for every dollar spent in going paperless would yield the state a $ 30.00 return (Johnston, Spencer, 2005). It will make record keeping much easier for all involved both the carriers and our office. According to an article in Forbes magazine (April, 2013) by going paperless one will spend less time coordinating invoices, less money on envelopes and postage and by running things through the web it will make items easier to track. It will be good for our office cutting down on the clutter and…show more content…
With this move in mind it is essential for us to get rid of the furniture, office machines, and file cabinets that are not necessary. With our department going paperless we will be able to open up areas by getting rid of file cabinets and fax machines that are no longer needed. While turning our computers into an online fax system that will be sent straight to scanning. This is another good reason for our department to go paperless. We have many in our office that do not believe that going paperless will work or that it is a good idea. By going paperless even though we are facing opposition from some clients that see it as an invasion to their constitutional rights by forcing them to get a computer. When we receive these phone calls we try to show our clients the positives such as getting their items processed quicker and that it will allow them to be more organized. We also let them know that they do not have to get a computer, that they can ask a family member, go to the library, or hire a permitting agent. Although, we face this opposition from clients and even some of the permitting agents. It will allow the office to be more organized, less cluttered, save time and money in the process. Along with being more efficient for our clients. If there are any questions please feel free the point of contact MaryBeth by email @ or (515) 867
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