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What I have noticed, from a purely ‘Computer and Software’ user point of view, is that this extremely fast paced technological world in which we live is due mostly to businesses need to excel above other is a very competitive market. To maintain a reputation, lifestyle, and… jobs, a business must employ the brightest students and be the first to get their products to the market. While this is completely understandable, educators are pressured to have the latest, best, and fastest, technology to compete for students, university eliteness, and…jobs. Thus, 21st Century technology can make school administrators feel somewhat overwhelmed when it comes to purchasing technology due the very real fact that the newly purchased technology used today will be obsolete 3 – 5 years from now. This puts a considerable strain on school budgets at all levels. It is my attention to address this issue along with the students at the other end of the stick who are either done a great service by the institution in which they attend (public or private), at what grade level they are, and the technology savvy schools they attend. It is also my intentions to address those students who are forgotten about who do not have access to internet at home and students with learning disabilities. Must students with learning disabilities be confined to classroom instruction due to assess ability and/or even having a basic understanding of computers? What do we do with those that distracted by their community activity, home environment or that simply cannot keep up…or do we do anything with them? These are a few issues (if not pitfalls) I intend to address during this course. Oh…did I forget to mention…immigrant students with language barriers to learning. Must we provide teachers who speak more than one language or do we require the student to be proficient in the prevalent

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