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Kerem Can ERMAN, Paper 1 (SL) ‘‘Choose how you are willing to suffer.’’. This line is from an article from the Huffingon Post written by Mark Mason, an author, entrepreneur and a world traveler. In his article, Mason talks about how people want things to happen without doing anything about it. According to Mason, the important question is ‘‘not what you want from life, it is what pain and suffering you are willing to take’’ for it. The author tries to engage the reader by showing the real-life success stories and how the main expectaitions from life are actually fulfilled to make the reader actually follow their dreams instead of waiting for them to happen. The audience of the text is everyone who just have expectations from life which they aren’t willing to or motivated enough to go through sufferings that are required. The author supports this by first giving examples from the basic wants from life and then showing the sufferings needed for it to happen which people often ignore. For example the line ‘‘Everybody wants to have an amazing job and financial independence—but not everyone is willing to suffer through 60-hour work weeks, long commutes, obnoxious paperwork,...’’. Mason also gives examples from his experiences, which forms a bond between the reader and the author, which ultimately increases the credibility and the effect of the text. Such as in the line ‘‘...I’ve always loved the idea of being a surfer, yet I’ve never made consistent effort to surf regularly... I don’t enjoy the pain... It’snot for me. The cost outweighs the benefit. And that’s fine.’’ Mason’s use of language, his tone and the mood he creates throughout the text creates and effective impact on the reader. First of all, he uses first-person language in his text, which creates a warm and friendly mood which ultimately makes the reader feel like he/she is taking an advice from his/her

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