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When Oversight Fails 1. Where do you believe HR failed Marion Shaub in this case? Explain. I think that HR officially failed Marion when she filed a complaint and FedEx officials in Middletown did nothing to correct the activity being done. When they did nothing to correct the behavior this was happening they set themselves up for a lawsuit. When you as an employee don’t feel that HR will take your concerns seriously it can become an untrustworthy environment. 2. What do you believe FedEx must do differently to ensure that such an event does not occur again? The HR department needs to develop a training program for employees to gain knowledge on what constitutes harassment and the penalties that one could face when charged with harassment. Creating this program would hopefully decrease the problem so a company will not see problems arise as frequently. If problems do arise, employees need to feel confident they have a safe place to report them and that nothing bad will happen as a result of them reporting the incident. 3. What effect on (a) corporate image (b) attracting female employees to the organization do you believe this case has had on FedEx? Describe. Having these type of charges filed against an organization will hurt the corporate image. If harassment charges go as far as EEOC that shows that HR has not done anything to stop anything in the company. That will reflect poorly on the image of FedEx. It is also very likely that FedEx will have a problem recruiting female employees because no one wants to step into an environment that has a history of harassment problems. Not many females are going to subject themselves to that kind of treatment with previous knowledge of the problem.

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