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Executive Summary A primary focus of project management research, over the last few decades, has been on the identification and analysis of common root causes for project failures. The majority of researchers agree that managing projects constitutes a challenging undertaking in the context of ever-increasing pressure to execute on time, within budgets, and according to the specifications. Building upon findings of this research and related literature, this paper examines project management issues that were triggered in the Orion Shield Project. It discusses how unethical behavior of one Scientific Engineering Corporation’s (SEC) manager and his appointed project manager had negative domino effect in the management of the triple constraints (scope, cost, and time) throughout the project lifecycle. Technical data on the response to Space Technology Industries’ (STI) Request for Proposals (RFP) were falsified to meet the requirements and win the contract. Ultimately, efforts to fulfill these deceitful commitments, once the contract was awarded, led to other misconduct, thus putting the company at risk of prosecution. It also prompted communication breakdowns with the withholding of key project information from internal and external stakeholders. This resulted in delays in the completion of tasks, postponement of milestones, substantial increase in cost, and a scope creep. Despite the project manager Gary Allison’s full commitment to the project, his lack of experience in project management and poor leadership skills combined with inadequate staffing, lack of planning, and weak risk-management, jeopardized the success of the project and seriously damaged Gary’s potential career as a project manager within SEC. The examination of these project issues highlights the need for organizations such as SEC to provide ethics training to their staff and enforce the

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