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Jessica Alva English 099 McDonie October 9th, 2012 Films, Drugs, and Alcohol In today’s era, many of the American films that are made are profound to have a quiet majority of what is known today as sex, drugs, and alcohol. Many films depict certain kinds of drug and alcohol use in ways that seem to have been overly exaggerated or used as a reality based scene within these films. Some films may not reflect on how a typical drug can affect a person in reality but in films I believe that they overdo it. Some film critics may argue that drugs have had bad influences on many film viewers, but there are also positive outcomes. As Stefan hall analyzes the way addiction has been dramatized throughout the history of American Film, he notes that how the attitude towards drugs gradually changed from stark warnings about the dangers to satire and slapstick. He also states, “In this age of media saturation, maybe the most pervasive narcotic of all is information” (Mims and Nollen 337). Here he expresses the idea of how full media saturation can be. From the movies I’ve seen in the past, and the movies I’ve seen recently, they have put in more drug and alcohol usage in these films and they treat the usage realistically because there are a lot of people in society that do have a drinking problem as well as the drugs. Although films often have a majority of drug scenes in a few hardcore flicks, the disadvantages to making money for the film can be at risk due to a less crowd of viewers who disagree on the drug usage in the film and can prevent their children from viewing it. And the advantage would be that the Teenagers that go view the film may be struck by curiosity. A majority of individuals today such as teenagers experiment with drugs and most likely drink alcoholic beverages. In a movie I have seen in the past called “Thirteen”(2003) by Catherine Hardwicke is about a

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