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Limitless What if a pill could make you rich and powerful? Imagine the possibilities of having absolute control of your brain. Having a perfect ‘photographic’ memory. After watching the movie limitless I couldn’t decide whether I would want to partake in it or not. The idea of having one hundred percent control of my brain sounds like an offer that would be impossible to refuse. You could do virtually anything you wanted to. Having knowledge about an entire subject simply by skimming through a book, or being able to focus all of your attention on someone’s body language to interpret what they are thinking. The uses for it are infinite. You would essentially be living a perfect life. But as we know, nothing in this world is perfect. Unfortunately there is at least one bad side to everything. In this situation, the bad side would be that it is a drug. And drugs cost money. You could probably assume that a drug with so much potential would cost much more. But even with enough money, drug dealers are unpredictable. They could be killed, arrested, or could just move without any notice and what would you do then. I can assume the drug is addictive because after having so much control and understanding in your life, why on earth would you want to go back. But I have determined that if you had just one pill, you do so much in a short amount of time, that it would be worth it. You could study stocks in that duration and make millions. Or write a New York Times Best Seller, learn 4 different languages, or do the obvious solution, and learn how to make more

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