Paper Presentation on Nano Ic Engine

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Paper Presentation On Nano Ic Engine ABSTRACT NANO…… one billionth of one and one third of micro ,to be precise 10(-9m. Nanotechnology is much discussed these days as an emerging frontier – a realm in which machines operate at scales of billionth a meter. It is actually a multitude of rapidly emerging technologies based upon the scaling down of existing technologies to the next level of precision and miniaturization. In the field of nano technologies researchers are enthusiastic about its potential applications in fields such as energy, medicine, electronics, computing and materials. Of late, one of the emerging aspects dealing Nanotechnology in mechanical field is the internal combustion engine on a nano scale, which we have chosen as our area of interest. Heat engines have evolved from external combustion engines to internal combustion engines and the hot off the block is the nano internal combustion engine. [pic] This picture gives an idea of the size of the nano internal combustion engine. If you observe, the length from the back plate to washer is less than an inch. There are no exotic materials required It has high precision, cost effective, high speed [up to 40000rpm].The various applications can be spotted from race cars to space crafts. It can also be applied to various fields like agricultural pump sets, industrial applications, Hospitals, constructions civil engineering equipments etc. This paper further deals with the history, construction of a nano IC engine, their merits & their future prospects. This paper discuss about Nano IC engine at length. Introduction: What is nano technology? Its worth pointing out that the word nanotechnology has become very popular and is used to describe many types of research where the characteristic dimension are less than about

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