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Paper on the American Dream + Analysis of Two Text.

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  • on October 7, 2012
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What is it?
Most people have an idea of what the “American Dream” is, but their versions may be very different. That doesn’t mean any of them are wrong, because the “American Dream” is a lot of things. Part of it, is believing in a land where all men are equal and free, a land where you can become and achieve anything, as long as you work hard.
This “dream” started many years ago, all the way back to the 17th century, when the first Europeans moved to America. They wanted to build a country where they could live in peace and hide from the suppression of the monarchies in Europe. America was a new country, where they could start over. Many of them sought religious freedom, like the group of Pilgrims who came to American around 1620 on the Mayflower.
Democracy as well as equality is also a part of the “American Dream” and in 1776 America ”cut loose” from the British Empire, who had taxed them for everything they made, and The Declaration of Independence was signed and later in 1787 the U.S Constitution was too. They provided numerous rights for the everyday American, although it didn’t include the black people (slaves). They didn’t have right until later, after the civil war (1861–1865).

After I’ve written all of these nice things you might think that America really is a “wonder land” where you’ll make billions of dollars, and don’t get me wrong it does happen to some people, like the ones you see on television and the media, but the awful truths is that a lot of people don’t. First of all it is nearly impossible to become an American citizen, but you can get a visa or green card that lets you stay there for over 3 months. Then if you manage to get permission to stay there, no one can guaranty you a nice job that pays well. I’ve visited the states around 11 times and each time, no matter which state, I see many homeless people in the streets and it makes me sad.
I love America and it is my dream country, which might sound weird after my critics, but America...

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