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According to Thomas Moore, ‘it is only through mystery and madness that the soul is revealed’ Moore is depicting here the need for the human kind must reveal themselves in order to find their true identity, as well as that there is madness in everyone and people shouldn’t be so quick to judge. The play Cosi is set in a mental institution in 1971, in Melbourne. There are two scenes in this play that caught my eye when it came to madness and love, and there are two scenes that reinforce this immensely, they are Act 2, Scene 1, and Act 2, scene 2.. Themes that will be discussed are infidelity vs fidelity and madness. Fidelity vs infidelity is an issue depicted in the play because it is an ideal that can never be achieved. The theme of madness, insanity vs sanity is can be seen by through the patients that are in the mental institution and their unique personalities. The first scene of Act 2, Scene 1 is one that brought my attention because it reinforces that fact that when the external world is neglected, people are able to reach comfort in who they really are. We can all relate I’m sure. The theme of darkness parallels to the theme of sanity and insanity, we can see this through the stage direction of, ‘Suddenly the lights go out. The theatre is plunged into darkness’, this stage direction reinstates the theme of darkness and this time it is physical darkness in the theatre. It is through the blackout that the characters are able to revel their inner-self, which is shown by the lovely cherry and her extraordinary affections towards Lewis, ‘want a sandwich Lewis?’ but Lewis says ‘no thanks cherry’ like who wouldn’t want to consistently be smashed in the face with food, I sure would. Her affection for Lewis reaches a climax as she desperately searches for him in this theatre of complete darkness. This darkness also symbolically parallels he first scene from the

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