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Paper on Law and Order

  • Submitted by: weddingcrshr17
  • on February 26, 2008
  • Category: English
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She stood in the subway, no older than 16, skin pale, a torn blouse and skirt, with a look that only death could decipher as one of rape.   The train approached the station in what seemed faster than usual, she slowly inched toward the edge of the platform and made an attempt to jump before a gentleman in a suit grabbed her, saving her life.
“Well detective” said coroner Green “your vic was raped and tied down in the process, looks pretty brutal.”   She indicated crime scene photos of two strap marks over the young girls chest and lower stomach.   “Anything else you can give me doc,” said Detective Elliot Moore of the New York Special Victims Unit.   “Nope, but send me the results of the rape kit from the hospital as asap.” Said Green.   “Will do, I’m heading down there now to speak with the girl and family.” Said Moore.   His partner Olivia Steele was waiting on a bench perusing some of the victim’s information.   “Olivia, lets head out to the hospital and see what are vic can tell us about our rapist.”   “Alright, but lets stop for coffee I need something to pick me up.” Said Steele
As the two detectives entered the hospital and preceded to the room of their rape victim they had no idea what kind of sick case this would be.   “Hi, I’m detective Moore and this is my partner detective Steele, we would like to ask you about what happened today.” Said Moore “Alright,” said Jen Crete “Well, I was walking home from school and I decided to take a shortcut to save some time.   As I was walking through a parking lot a car drove up behind me and a man grabbed me and threw me in the car and told me if I screamed he would kill me.   Then (beginning to sob) he did it.”   “Well did you see his face sweetheart,” said Steele.   “No, I told you, they put a blindfold over my face,” said Crete.   “What about his voice Jen, or possibly something specific about him,” said Moore.   “Well he was very tall muscular man,” said Crete.   “Ok, Thank you sweetie we will see you soon when we have some...

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