Paper Airplane Science Fair Project

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Even with a paper airplane science fair project (which sounds quite simple) we need to become scientists. And a good scientist always asks questions. So... ...let's ask some questions about paper airplanes. These questions are only for reference so we can get our feel for the project. We'll ask our really important question a little bit later. Let's think about our paper airplane science fair project for a little bit and ask ourselves... What is a paper airplane? What makes it fly? Are there different kinds of airplanes? Thoroughly research these and any other questions you can think. Find all you can about different kinds airplanes. Ask an adult about it, or get on the internet. You might even find some good books on paper airplanes…show more content…
Along the side, write "1", "2", "3" and so on all the way up to twenty (20) or twenty-five (25.) Add color to distinguish between each type of paper airplane. Here are some examples... For more info about making charts and graphs click here. It's time to tell what you've noticed. Write a report about what you saw. You should include... 1. What you guessed about the paper airplanes. 2. What you did in your paper airplane science fair project. 3. Which number of folds did the best. 4. If your guess was correct about the number of folds. Be careful to obey all the school rules for your science fair report. One or two paragraphs for each grade level will do if you weren't given how long it should be. Be detailed as well. But make it neat. Presentation Now you get to make the display! Carefully put three pieces of cardboard together so it looks like this... If you want more information about how to put together and arrange displays for your paper airplane science fair project click here. You can buy displays at many retail stores as well. However you do it, make sure you follow science fair rules! Now, on a piece of paper neatly write your important question and your guess. If you would like, type it. You might get style

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