Paper Airplane Investigation Essay

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Paper Airplane Investigation MATERIALS Several sheets of plain paper--including various types/thickness Ruler or meter stick Stopwatch PROCEDURE Part I. Observation A. Make a paper airplane. It can be any design you want. You can conduct a web search with keywords “instructions for paper airplanes” to see some designs and the instructions for making them. Go outside, throw the plane and time how long in seconds the plane flies. Using a stopwatch or the second hand on your wristwatch, record the number of seconds from the time it leaves your hand until the time it lands on the ground. Using a meter stick, ruler, or tape measure, measure the distance the plane traveled. Record your measurements in the data table at the end of this document. Be sure to record your measurements in metric units and convert…show more content…
Repeat letter B two more times using the same paper airplane so that you have three recordings. Calculate the average time (add the three measurements and divide by three) the plane flew and the average distance the plane traveled and record these calculations in the data table. You will do this by adding up your three measurements for each (time or distance) and then dividing the sum by three. Brainstorm some ways you can change your air plane design to get your plane to fly longer or farther. Search online or at the library on ways to design paper airplanes. Again, you can use the keywords “instructions for paper airplanes” or “paper airplane designs.” As you brainstorm, think of ways you could improve your paper airplane design by changing only one thing, such as the

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