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The big question who am I as a person? I am a caring and cosmetic person. I have the biggest heart. I love to help others. I’m that person who listens to other people’s problems and try my hardest to solve other people’s problems before myself. So, yes I’m one of those people that think of others and care so much but really you’re crumbling to pieces inside yourself. I’m a joyful person and always have something positive to say. Even if I don’t like that particular person I’ll still be there and help if that person ever needed me. So people would say that kindness is a weakness. Yes, there are pros and cons being nice but more pros. I just love the feeling you get when you helped that person in a certain situation and they smile. Just that simple like moment melts my heart knowing that I did that. Emotionally, I’m not that strong. I have my moments where I just need to be left alone. Life can be hard. So far lately I have been working on my emotional perspective and how I want to feel. I truly believe that everyone have a choice to wake up every morning. They can neither chose being happy or sad etc. etc. I know that college is going to tough. I know once that this path is over I’ll look at the piece of paper and just feel so relieve that I made it. Nothing can stop me from pursing my lifelong dream as being a Pediatric Oncology nurse as long as I work hard I know anything is impossible. Physically, as a person in strength I’m weak. I have no muscles maybe some leg and arm but barely. Physically in health I’m strong. I have never been to a hospital for anything. I have never broken a bone or have to get stitches expect when I got mouth surgery. Physically as a student I’m strong. I’m so ready to start my career nothing will stop me. I’ll spend literally 10 plus hours just to do homework if I have to. As you maybe can tell I don’t procrastinate. I like to do my

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