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INVESTIGATORY PROJECT Which leaves are best to produce natural hand-made paper Title: 3 leaves Banana leaves Papaya leaves Petchay leaves Kurt Dominic R. Omapas Princess Jehan Macadato Hannah Beatriz Halibas Members 3 - Hontiveros Abstract Paper making out of leaves can be used and has been used to make paper and it is nice in using it in any projects depending on how it is made. This study was conducted to invent another quality of paper. A process of making paper out of leaves. It was also made to lessen the cutting of trees and to make use of rotten leaves and other leaves that has less usefulness. The materials used can be easily seen in our backyard surroundings and at our home. Our project was made to compare to the commercial papers to see which has a better quality and strength between hand-made papers and machine produced papers. To also give the quality of paper that is natural, unique and useful especially when making projects, other arts materials and other special purposes. color Banana Papaya whitish and yellowish large greenish medium Procedure Blending Finished Boiling Bleaching Start Cut the leaves into pieces and put it in the Cauldron. Add equal amount of water then boil When it boils, add a tablespoon of caustic soda and stir constantly. After stirring, wait for it to boil again and add another tablespoon of caustic soda After Boiling and stirring with caustic soda Drain the water and blend it until the leaves will become small particles after blending, drain the water and put the leaves inside the basin. Add an amount of bleach. Molding After bleaching, wash the leaves and mold it. Shape it like a paper Generalization It is concluded that there is another way of making papers out of the 3 leaves that we had experimented instead of using fibers from cut down trees. We can make a different kind and texture from

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