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K. Fance EN 090 03/31/2015 Journal 5 – What do you like to cook? Why I like Cooking Soul Food Over time in the journey of faith I have come to realize how incredibly obvious humans have a desire for “soul food” and I can appreciate the home cooking and hospitality of my mom being raised in the south. However, I cannot appreciate the south as a tradition or uphold its bitter history and prejudices. For many of us in the urban community we coin the term “soul food”. As for some food is more of a common meal, but for others food is in itself an experience. It is passion that goes into preparation, at least in many cases if we eat “soul food” perhaps the meals are prepared using ancient recipes passed down from generation to generation. The warmth and richness of the savor smells of sweet yams, collard greens, mac & chees, fried chicken, dressing, corn on the cob, black eyed pees, baked beans, cranberry sauce, and sweet potato pie fills the room and it seems to be calling your name. The environment of groups of family members, friends, perhaps total strangers who are new comers all united around the table. The concept of the table has many thoughts that could come to mind, even in religion we have a moment where we join around the table. The table has seemed to become a place of gathering, a well of sorts, a place of resting from the labors of the day, the place to have those open discussions, the place to be gathered with family at occasions, perhaps an invitation to meet new people and yet we create the environment of what it means to be welcome. That’s why I like cooking Soul Food; the bringing together of people and good

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