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My eyes were bulging, my heart was pounding and all I could think of was if I forgot the formula to that particular math problem. i was very fidgety I couldn’t stay calm in my chair my hands started to get wet as if im sweating from the nervous. I could tell that I wasn’t the only one nervous in that room. One of the competitors from the other school was shaking her leg up and down really fast. She looked really smart with those blacked framed glasses. She got up to stretch a bit and acccidently dropped her glasses but they didn’t break, truly I wanted them to. Thinking to myself maybe if they did I could’ve had a chance to win. I didn’t know why I had such lack of confidence in myself at that moment to have wanted that to happen to her. Moments later one of the judges got up wishing us both good luck. He was a tall man with a beard that kind of looked like Proffesor dumbledores from the movieHarry Potter by J.K.Rowlings. I picked up my pencil ready to write the problem down. He gave us one last stare and said “you have exactly three minutes and a half to solve it.”Mummbling my prayers in a whispery voice, holding my pencil tight thinking of the steps that I have to take to reveal the answer that is hidden behind that problem. As I think of the steps my mind started to recall the formulas for each math problem, as if there is one formula. There are so many equations out there that makes it diffuclt for my brain to focus on the question. Delta, stuck in my head, I knew it, that’s how I should start to solve my problem. Looking at the math problem really quick, trying to write down what numbers are in front of each variable. Bingo finally I figured out the formula that will lead me to an answer. Then I started to write delta ∆=b^2-2a.c. pluging in the the numbers to each variable. After I finish finiding out what delta is, I began to write , as I plugged in

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